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Inflatable Sets! Information is owned and operated by S.L.S. Products. S.L.S. Products has been involved with eCommerce since 1996. Our first official website,, was created March 7, 1998. We have always used methods to protect our customers from internet fraud. We have never "spammed" for customers and we have never sold or shared our customers personal information with any entitiy not directly involved with the secure transaction process. We have implemented a method to thwart the fraudulent use of our customer's credit card.

Due to the extremely high costs of a retail outlet, S.L.S. Products has maintained a "web only" presence to remain competitive in the eCommerce market. We have continuously shared our low operating costs with our customers by keeping our prices down and allowing discounts for repeat customers. Eventhough we do not have to pay for leasing retail space, we do pay for security software and secure servers by nationally accredited businesses. It is more expensive than other options, but when it comes to your security, as well as ours, only the best will do.

Our mailing address as it should appear on all correspondence:
S.L.S. Products
12672 Limonite Ave.
Suite 3E #101
Eastvale, CA 92880

Our phone numbers are:
Toll Free USA and Canada: +1.877.242.6997
International: +1.951.898.9433
Fax: +1.951.667.3459

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